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Cogito Ergo Sum - I think therefore I am
Credo Ut Intelligam - I believe so that I may understand
Respondeo Etsi Mutabor - I respond although I will be changed


The Human Soul - (THS) 26-7-1981
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8 Days Establishing My Eternity-Truth
Created 18-10-2017
Linked with The Darker Side of 8 Days Re-directing my Known Destiny Numbers

'110%': Bridget McKenzie backs Barnaby Joyce
Created 14-2-2018

249 and Man's corrupt 'Blame Game'
Created 2-4-2018

254 Red Alert 9/11 Established 1939
Created 27-1-2018

435 million-year-old-starfish - ancient ocean-dweller found in Galway
Created 22-1-2018

755 Calculated Control Factor Comes Full Circle
Created 11-1-2018

9/11 - Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Created 28-11-2017

911 I Witness 279
Created 12-3-2018

295 Exposed with 1840 by Calculated Control Factor 354
Created 8-1-2018
Linked with Your potential to Re-deeem, Re-assess, Re-evaluate is Vitally Important

and Calculated Control Factor 354

1 Peter 28 Cross References - Significant Indicators Revealed
Created 29-1-2018

9-11-2001 - It's Loaded from Top to Bottom!
Created 27-2-2018

1900 The Century of Zero (360) locked into Templar's 387 on 22-1-1901
Created 11-4-2018

1912 Deciphered and Established
Created 11-4-2018

2,500-year-old mummy found at Sydney University
Created 27-3-2018

A Clean Energy Target Significantly Exposed!
Created 17-10-2017

A closer look at Schistosoma to discover the numerical significance
Created 18-1-2018
In the article about Ancient Egyptian Mummies Schistosoma is identified

Adansonia gregorii - No, it's not religious - it's more commonly known as the Boab tree
Created 4-3-2018

'Alien megastructure' theory rapidly turning to dust
Created 4-1-2018

Aliens could be living in the acid clouds of Venus
Created 3-4-2018

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Shakespeare
Created 12-2-2018

A more precise measurement for antimatter than for matter
Created 23-10-2017

Ancient Biblical city found intact underwater
Created 19-12-2017

An evolutionary look at The Helix project
Created 7-2-2018
Linked with The Kelpies in Falkirk - Multiple significant carefully hidden challenges deciphered
and Elon Musk's SpaceX successfully launched Falcon Heavy rocket

Apollo 11 Establishes 392 and Significant Zero-Dimension Earth Destiny Knowledge
Created 9-4-2018

Argentina says emergency signals detected, likely from missing submarine
Created 19-11-2017

Argentine submarine with 44 crew missing at sea
Created 19-11-2017

Asteroid narrowly misses Earth
Created 10-12-2017

Astronomers baffled by distant galaxy void of dark matter
Created 29-3-2018

As You Like It - Shakespeare
Created 12-2-2018

Australia Day 26-1-1788 Under Unique Scrutiny
Created 23-1-2018

Australia Remembers The Fallen
Created 11-11-2017

Babylon The Great:  A Valuable Search into Identity 284
Created 12-4-2018

Barack Obama tours Sydney Opera House ahead of secretive speech at Art Gallery of NSW
Created 24-3-2018

Barnaby Joyce and four senators ruled ineligible in shock High Court ruling
Created 27-10-2017

Barnaby Joyce has interesting withdrawal numbers Name-wise
Created 14-2-2018

Beersheba Establishes 324 and Significantly More!

Behind and within Australia's High Court Citizenship ineligibility ruling
Created 28-10-2017

Being Sold 'The Lemon'
Created 26-11-2017

Bible: Explorers claim they've discovered Noah's Ark from Book of Genesis
Created 29-12-2017

Bill Gates reveals the 2 reasons he's giving away his $90 billion fortune
Created 28-3-2018

Bill Gates says another financial crash 'is a certainty'
Created 2-3-2018

Created 26-3-2018

Blood-sacrifice-redemption:  The Purpose?  Soul Destruction for Survivors!
Created 14-11-2017

Bob Hawke's advice for Malcolm Turnbull: 'resign'
Created 30-12-2017

Calculated Control Factor 120
Created 3-2-2018

China and Russia 'preparing for war with West'
Created 17-2-2018

Christmas Tree Point Road - Significant British Royal Apocalypse
Created 20-3-2018

'Citizenship Seven' await their fate
Created 27-10-2017

Cyclone Hola: Strength even worse than predicted
Created 7-3-2018

'Dark matter' aliens here on earth?  Could be scientists says
Created 13-4-2018

Deciphering the 134 Calculated Control Factor
Created 1-4-2018

Decoding Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Epiphany
Created 3-12-2017

Decoding the date set-up(s) 15-9-1984
Created 3-12-2017
Prince Harry attained the age of 33 on 15-9-2017

Despite Trump's 'mission accomplished', question raised over US Syria strategy

Created 16-4-2018

Discovering The Power of Christmas
Created 19-2-2018

Divers find undetonated WWII bomb in Sydney Harbour
Created 22-2-2018

DNA from teeth reveals how 4000 ancient Egyptian Mummies shared a mother
Created 18-1-2018

Donald Trump praises Malcolm Turnbull, Australia in White House meeting
Created 24-2-2018

Earthquakes felt across NSW
Created 24-1-2018

Earth's ozone hole shrivels to smallest since 1988
Created 3-11-2017

Egypt uncovers ancient necropolis south of Cairo
Created 25-2-2018

Eight dead in suspected terrorist truck attack on Manhattan bike path
Created 1-11-2017

Elon Musk's Boring Company raises $113m to dig tunnels
Created 17-4-2018

Elon Musk tweets an April Fool's joke
Created 3-4-2018

Elon Musk warns against AI creating 'immortal dictator'
Created 10-4-2018

Establishing The Power of The 6th Prime 13
Created 22-4-2018

Establishing The Significance of 71

Created 6-1-2018

Establishing the Unique Inextricable Connection of 533 with 1119
Created 10-2-2018

E.T. is the French word for AND - Swap Shop Controls Exposed
Created 5-8-2018

Eugenics - The Containment Factory Established on The Twin Numbers 116+134=250
Created 19-3-2018

Europe's largest mass grave found in Czech Republic
Created 18-11-2017

Euthanasia bill will pass:  Denton
Created 14-10-2017

False ballistic missile threat sent to Hawaiian people
Created 14-1-2018

FBI investigating Clinton Foundation
Created 7-1-2018

My Five Dates of "0" Revelation 3-3-2018 to 7-3-2018 (inclusive)
Created 8-3-2018

Five-exoplanet system discovered thanks to citizen scientists
Created 17-1-2018

Flight MH370 in light of the warning China must prepare for war with North Korea
Created 17-12-2017

Forget terrorism, China, Russia a threat
Created 27-1-2018

Former Senate candidate becomes fourth woman to accuse George H.W. Bush
Created 30-10-2017

Fortune 533 and 89
Created 8-2-2018
Linked with The Kelpie Water Spirit and more...

Four Sigificant Dates - My Twin History Included
Created 28-1-2018

Fresh Woes for Barnaby Joyce
Created 13-2-2018

Gene Technology Act 2000 came into effect 21-6-2001
Created 28-12-2017

Germans find 'Harald Bluetooth' treasure
Created 16-4-2018

Govt may back away from clean energy target
Created 9-10-2017

Gregorian Calendar Codes

Harry takes on Royal Marines role from Prince Philip
Created 20-12-2017

Heads must roll:  Malcolm Turnbull's anger over cabinet papers leak
Created 5-2-2018

He will confirm a covenant with many for one 'seven'.
Created 31-3-2018

High IQ Intelligence Test - I'm Sharing God's Simple Solutions
Created 6-12-2017

House-sized asteroid will pass Earth this week
Created 11-10-2017

Huge cave found under surface of the moon
Creaed 19-10-2017

How Russia's 'invincible' new weapons work
Created 5-3-2018

I am NOT a Conspiracy Theorist. I am THE REAL DEAL etablishing our Creator's unique Soul-connection
Created 6-2-2018
And I put The Scorpio Twins Elect through the same stringent numerical Truth Test
deciphering what's encoded which I perform on everything else - I'm no different from any of you
I've just got a specific job that I've been entrusted with and I'll not let you down.

I challenge Prince Charles' response to 'toilet seat' claims
Created 7-4-2018

IF?  Then Who What When Where How...and Why?
Created 2-11-2017

In compliance with the four Laws of Ecology
Created 22-11-2017

Incredibly rare supermoon trilogy is on the way
Created 4-12-2017

In Remembrance and Honour of Stephen Hawking
Created 14-3-2018

Intertwined skeletons dating back 2,400 years found in Mexico City
Created 1-2-2018

ISIS fanatics are 'plotting new 9/11'
Created 20-10-2017

James Comey says Trump is 'morally unfit' to be president
Created 16-4-2018

Jesus The Son of God made man
Created 9-3-2018

John Howard condemns Coalition 'madness'
Created 2-12-2017

Julia Gillard says it will take 200 years before women get equal opportunities
Created 6-4-2018

Julie Bishop says Tony Abbott should explain 'loopy' speech
Created 13-10-2017

Khnum-Nakht - The Younger Establishes 911-birth-connection
Created 19-1-2018

Labor flags challenge to Joyce decisions
Created 31-10-2017

Liberal senator Stephen Parry may be a dual citizen
Created 31-10-2017

Little-known eruption near New Zealand 'the biggest in 100 years'
Created 12-1-2018

Mars has the 'ideal conditions' to support human life
Created 24-10-2017

May royal wedding considered to be unlucky
Created 6-12-2017

Men arrested at Starbucks for not ordering anything
Created 15-4-2018

MH370: Evidence points to wreck being in Indian Ocean
Created 13-1-2018

'Milkshake Duck' - Macquarie Dictionary's word of the year 2017
Created 15-1-2018

My 5 Days as The Witness of God's Knowledge Establish 353 and Significantly More!
Created 16-10-2017

My 7 Powerful Soul-Truth Covenants Mega-busy 31-1-2018
Created 30-1-2018

My Business Names De-registered 20-10-2017
Created 30-1-2017

My Neutron Star
Created 25-12-2017

My Seven Powerful Soul-Truth Covenants at work on 10-2-1967
Created 15-10-2017
I usually write my dates under the UKDP=d/m
Linked with Twenty-fifth Amendment to the US Constitution adopted 2-10-1967

My Seven Powerful Soul-truth Covenants at work on 17-12-2016 Foundation of The Boring Company
Created 17-4-2018

Mysterious double 'whirlpools' are popping up in the ocean
Created 27-12-2017

Mystery of the abandoned 737 plane
Created 23-2-2018

NASA Says 'Super Blue Blood Moon' Coming Wednesday, January 31
Created 30-1-2018

NASA founded 29-7-1958 - History, Universe-geography, Education
Created 19-10-2017

Nepal bans blind and solo climbers from scaling Mount Everest
Created 31-12-2017

Neutron star collision named biggest scientific breakthrough of 2017

Created 25-12-2017

Newfound alien planet may be good bet for life
Created 17-11-2017

New York City terror attack - several dead as vehicle mows down cyclists

Created 1-11-2017

Nostradamus Quatrains

NUCLEAR - The Titanic Messages Within 'The Word'
Created 23-10-2017

Obama invokes Hitler's rise in stark warning to America
Created 9-12-2017

'Oldest eye ever discovered' in 530-million-year-old fossil
Created 8-12-2017

OMG! Twin Peaks establishes International Women's Day 83, 159 and 242 (inter-alia)
Created 20-3-2018

Only One Can Shatter The Code
Created 30-11-2017

Our Creator-granted Asset ~ Knowledge
Created 9-10-2017
267 is Significantly Established

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter
Created 26-2-2018

Over 400 dead after Iran-Iraq earthquake
Created 15-11-2017

Palestinian president calls Trump peace deal the 'slap of the century'
Created 16-1-2018

Philosopher and Philosophy -The Evolutionary Discovery Pathway
Created 1-3-2018

Plan 'E' is Unfolding
Created 23-2-2018

Plans to build 'Frankenmissile' puts pressure on N Korea
Created 26-10-2017

PM moves to stop foreign donations, influence
Created 7-12-2017

Powerful quake off Alaska prompts tsunami fear for N. American west coast
Created 24-1-2018

President John F. Kennedy exposes Plot 146 on 3-3-2018
Created 3-3-2018

Prince Philip abruptly pulls out of event
Created 30-3-2018

Prince Philip misses THREE events in just ten days including royal's Easter church service
Created 2-4-2018

Queen Victoria's Birth-1819 Marriage-1840 and Death-1901 as Words with great value
Created 8-4-2018

Rain, royalty, mark Commonwealth Games opening ceremony
Created 5-4-2018

Rare 7,000-year-old burial site discovered in Gulf of Mexico off Florida coast
Created 2-3-2018

Re-assess (re-deem) Re-evaluate Elizabeth Regina's Soul-less World

Created 11-2-2018
To "deem" means to consider, judge, rate, find, esteem

'Rebel Prince' The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles
Created 21-3-2018
Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer on 29 July 1981 and 297 is significantly established
in the first interpretation of the letter values being deciphered - Princess Diana named the nation's 'ideal mother'

'Researchers' under the Magnifying Glass

Created 4-1-2018

Revelation of cosmic secrets triggers a 'frenzy' of scientific activity
Created 17-10-2017

Revisiting Calculated Control Factor 225
Created 28-11-2017

Russia to test new Satan 2 ballistic missile
Created 25-10-2017

Scientists' predict 9.0 mega-quake for New Zealand
Created 27-11-2017\\Significantly updated 13-12-2017

Schistosomiasis Establishes 152 Twin Election 912 and 177 (et-al)
Created 18-1-2018

'Semi-infinite' source of rare metals found near Japan

Created 19-4-2018

Sexual Misconduct stripped bare
Created 18-2-2018

Shirtless Vladimir Putin takes icy religious plunge
Created 20-1-2018

Shocked about Energy bill?
Created 14-11-2017

Significant Knowledge Ready for Discovery in Boeing 737
Created 23-2-2018

Singularity and the 'Big Bounce'
Created 1-12-2017

So Dark The Con of Man - Discovering what this means
Created 20-2-2018

Somalia suffers deadliest attack in its history after horrific twin truck bombs
Created 16-10-2017

Soul 308
Created 9-10-2017

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket launch baffled people with an eerie light show
Created 24-12-2017

Speed Skaters at the Gangneung Oval 4-2-2018
Created 9-2-2018

States back govt's National Energy Guarantee
Created 25-11-2017

Strong earthquake hits Indonesia's Java, at least one casualty
Created 18-12-2017

'Super Blue Blood Moon' 105 184 and 215 for starters!
Created 30-1-2018

The '0' Dimension
Created 10-10-2017

The 1-2-3 of A-B-C
Created 21-11-2017
Linked with A newly-established look at the meaning of 'Our Days are Numbered'

The 172 Implications of Dual Citizenship

Created 16-11-2017

The 911 Bastards adopted 1945 - SATAN 2 opens The Door of Light
Created 25-10-2017

The 9/11 Significance of 17
Created 21-10-2017

The ABC of The Zero Dimension 279
Created 25-1-2018

The Big Bang - Nothing more than The Great Prostitute
Created 13-11-2017

The brutal fungus that could prove deadly to the world's snakes
Created 26-12-2017

The Creator's Invincibility is The Power-source of The Soul of Humanity
Created 15-3-2018

The Darker Side of 8 Days Re-directing my Known Destiny Numbers
Created 18-10-2017
Linked with 8 Days Establishing My Eternity-Truth

The Davidic Lineage - Pipeline to Hell
Created 22-12-2017

The Devil's Cataract
Created 3-3-2018

The Fifth Element
Created 22-3-2018

The Hidden Agenda of 19 May 2018
Created 21-4-2018

The Human Soul 225
Created 9-10-2017

The Lamb and The Lion of Truth
Created 16-2-2018

The Merry Wives of Windsor - Shakespeare
Created 12-2-2018

The Multi-dimensional Aberrations of The 911 Twin Diversion
Created 10-10-2017

The Multi-dimensional Establishment of Prophesied Blood-sacrifice Fulfilled
Created 14-11-2017

The Multi-layered Connectivity and Significance of 371
Created 11-3-2018

The power of Truth within the name of Jesus Christ
Created 28-2-2018

The Progressive Evolution of 'The Soul of Humanity'
Created 15-2-2018

The Queen's last corgi has died
Created 18-4-2018

'There was somethng out there': Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin recalls and passes lie detector test
Created 9-4-2018

The Ritual Sacrifice of Man's Pirated Redemption aka Evolution
 Created 26-3-2018
Linked with The Significance of 225 Establishing 188 with 1981-connection 37

The Seven Hidden Agendas of ZERO Eternity Exposed!
Created 24-11-2017

The Seven Liberal Arts and their Planetary-and-Star identifications Foundation 265
Created 24-10-2017

The Soul-destiny Future is Ours - The Void Yet to be Filled
Created 21-12-2017

The Soul of Humanity 215
Created 9-10-2017

The Soul of Humanity is So Much More than Birth Marriage and Death
Created 19-4-2018||Significantly completed 21-4-2018

The Truth within The Statistics of Christ's tomb-article
Created 29-11-2017

The voyage of discovery with new eyes on 325
Created 4-2-2018

Three vast 'holes' have appeared on the sun
Created 14-4-2018

Tight-lipped Prince William will not attend the World Cup in Russia
Created 8-3-2018

Tony Abbott takes swipe at Malcolm Turnbull OVA handling of Barnaby Joyce affair

Created 21-2-2018

Tony Abbott takes swipe at Malcolm Turnbull over handling of Barnaby Joyce affair
Created 21-2-2018

Tropical Cyclone Marcus heads towards Darwin, upgraded to category two
Created 17-3-2018

Tropical Cyclone Nora expected to reach category four before hitting Queensland

Created 25-3-2018

Trump 'lit the wick of war'
Created 12-10-2017

Trump received a mysterious letter from Putin in 2013
Created 10-3-2018

Trumps requested a Van Gogh: Guggenheim offered gold toilet instead
Created 27-1-2018

Turnbull lies! Australian Republic would be like Dual Citizenship
Created 2-1-2017

Turnbull says postal survey could decide future republic
Created 2-1-2017

Twenty-fifth Amendment to the US Constitution adopted 2-10-1967
Created 15-10-2017
My Seven Powerful Soul-Truth Covenants at work on 10-2-1967

Two bizarre ancient galaxies found in dark matter
Created 11-12-2017

US Congress deals with government shutdown
Created 21-1-2018

US government issued rare hacking warning
Created 23-10-2017

Victoria bushfire emergency: 'Too late to leave' homes lost

Created 18-3-2018

Wag The Dog - Oh What a Tail!
Created 27-2-2018

Wake Up World and Become BOLD about your Right of Decision
Created 14-3-2018

Webcast:  How does collaboration shape innovation?
Created 29-10-2017

We choose to go to The Moon - JFK Speech 12-9-1962
Created 2-2-2018

Will The Truth Set You Free?  Come And Have A Look
Created 22-10-2017
8 turned 90o is the Eternity Symbol and the bend in Crop Circle plants,
31 is the "0" Dimension-numbers 1 to 9 and have a look at Caesar's Square for 36 establishing 666

What About The Big Bang?
Created 12-11-2017

What's within the title Duke of Edinburgh?
Created 13-3-2018

When even cartoons establish The Eye of God
Created 31-1-2018

When a low-blood-sugar-level-mistake is well worth a second look
Created 18-1-2018

When Even 'The Switcheroo' Establishes Truth
Created 9-1-2018

Will you ALL please awaken to 'THE FUCK-UP'!

Created 28-12-2017
Linked with Calculated Control Factor 325 and 261 - The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Woolworths faces wave of warehouse strikes
Created 22-10-2017

WWI and WWII establish 337 in line with prophecy
Created 26-1-2018

Yellowstone Supervolcano's nasty surprise
Created 12-10-2017

YOU are an important component of effecting Climate Change
Created 3-1-2017

'You'll be sorry':  Russia warns UK is 'playing with fire' over Salisbury spy poisoning
Created 7-4-2018

YouTube and article mentions Google=the egg (le is French 'the' and Goog=egg) Simple but Obvious
Created 4-4-2018

YouTube shooting:  Woman dead, several others seriously wounded
Created 4-4-2018