The birth date of HRH Prince Philip is 10-6-1921:

HRH Prince Philip DOB. 10-6-1921 (UKDP=d/m) 6-10-1921 (USADP=m/d)
UKDP=d/m 10 6 1921 1937
USADP=m/d 6 10 1921 1937
  16 16 3842 3874

Round off to nearest whole number:  646
Round off to nearest whole number:  108

Establishing the Eternal Throne significance of 646
Created 24-2-2017

254 Protected by Fulfillment of Quatrain 7,1 on 364th day of 2006

Secret Nazis test - bolded words In The Spotlight

Here are the two relevant Nostradamus Quatrains:

Here is Nostradamus Quatrain 7,1 (Century 7, Quatrain 1):


Quatrain 7,1
L'arc du thresor par Achilles deceu,
Aux procres sceu la quadrangulaire:
Au faict Royal le comment sera sceu,
Cors veu pendu au veu du populaire.

The arc of the treasure deceived by Achilles,
the quadrangule known to the procreators.
The invention will be known by the Royal deed;
a corpse seen hanging in the sight of the populace.

3 x 71=213 and here is Nostradamus Quatrain 2,13 (Century 2, Quatrain 13):

Quatrain 2,13
Le corps sans ame plus n'estre en sacrifice,
Iour de la mort mis en natiuit:
L'esprit diuin fera l'ame felice,
Voiant le verbe en son eternit.

The body without soul no longer to be sacrificed:
Day of death put for birthday:
The divine spirit will make the soul happy,
Seeing the word in its eternity.


and see the three birthdays that establish 106 in Significant Challenges 214, then see 8 Key Royal Destinies.

Saddam Hussein was born on 28-4-1937 pulling together the protection mechanism of 10-6-1921 with the fulfillment of prophecy on the 284th Anniversary of the creation of the title Duke of Edinburgh:

Execution of Saddam Hussein establishes 153 34 43 76 212 and Significantly More!

And 364 locks in 9-11-2001:

253 is the base total of the date of The Roswell Incident 7-7-1947 which I included in my significantly updated document:

Birth and Adoption of The Twins

Furthermore, when the date of execution is written under the USADP=m/d 12/30 contains the time of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy:

The London Declaration was on 28-4-1949:

and in the year 2002 there was an attempt on my life:

The Second Attempt on My Life 28-4-2002 Establishes 33 158 160 71 37 and Outcome 195

and the Port Arthur Massacre took place on 28-4-1996: