129 is significantly established:

Deciphering The Evolution Challenge of 300
Created 13-4-2017

and the Romanb Numeral for 300 is CCC:

Calculated Control Factor 120
Created 3-2-2018


The voyage of discovery with new eyes on 325
Created 4-2-2018



243 Illuminati and QEII
Linked with 911 Inside Job 249 Exposed


160 is significantly established because HRH Prince Philip was, at birth, Prince of two countries operating under different calendars:

The date that his soul came into this world was Thursday 10-6-1921 born in Greece under the Julian Calendar on the 161st day of the year and Thursday was 9-6-1921 which was the 160th day of the year:


1969-1002=967 (for 1002 see Chart of Kings 1002 as well as the blood sacrifice setup in 261 - The Good The Bad and The Ugly)
Round off to nearest whole number:  161

and for the significance of 160 which is the Hue of The Rainbow Matrix come and have a look at:

Buckingham Palace rewiring reveals history
Created 20-1-2018

Round off to nearest whole number:  308 (see the USA birth date calculation of Queen Elizabeth II 4-21-1926 in 8 Key Royal Destinies)

I received The Holy Spirit at a baptism by immersion on 26-7-1981, at which I also received the complete miraculous healing of my crippled left hand (Dupuytren's contracture):

The Holy Spirit was activated on Good Friday 29-3-2002, which saved my life:

Higgs Boson: We have discovered what NOTHINGNESS is made of! It's quite SOMETHING!
Created 31-1-2019

Oops!  No - It's The Truth!
Created 31-1-2018

The Centuries of Knowledge within The Gregorian Calendar Codes
Created 31-1-2018

Round off to nearest whole number:  327

1st Higgs' Theory Paper - Physics Letters 15-9-1964
Created 30-6-2017

2nd Higgs' Theory Paper published 19-10-1964
Created 30-6-2017

Here are the days from International Women's Day on 8 March to 19 November which is International Men's Day:

and 256 is the base total of the date that started the 3-day "0" power challenge and see 5 Days Three Significant Calculations Reveal Eugenics 142.

Round off to nearest whole number:  1419
Round off to nearest whole number:  237

237 has great potential when interpreted as the day and month (UKDP) of 23 July because it is the challenge 3 days before my receipt of The Holy Spirit and here's the bookmark #2671981myreceiptoftheholyspiritbybaptism and a year later President John F. Kennedy was assassinated  3 days after the 19th birthday of The Scorpio Twins Elect 19-11-1963 on 22-11-1963 (see the significance of 19 in Gene Technology Act 2000 came into effect 21-6-2001.

Here is the calculated outcome:

Round off to nearest whole number:  145 

The "God" Switcheroo Attempt 1726 Misfires with The Human Soul 206 and 1726 Established Within 7 Powerful Covenants of Truth
Created 20-5-2016

Here are the No. of Ltr Values+English and Pythagorean Ltr Values establishing the Foundation:

Round off to nearest whole number:  2053 (for 115 see Zero Redemption 666)

Here is the final outcome:

Round off to nearest whole number:  366

366 is the calculated outcome of the date of death of Pope John Paul II.

For the significance of 118 see 154 Established and Four Sigificant Dates - My Twin History Included.

Here is Nostradamus Quatrain 2,15 (Century 2, Quatrain 15):


Quatrain 2,15
Vn peu deuant monarque trucid?
Castor Pollux en nef, astre crinite:
L'erain public par terre & mer vuid,
Pise, Ast, Ferrare, Turin terre interdicte.

Shortly before the monarch is assassinated,
Castor and Pollux in the ship, bearded star:
The public treasure emptied by land and sea,
Pisa, Asti, Ferrara, Turin land under interdict.


My date of baptism 26+7=33 #2671981myreceiptoftheholyspiritbybaptism.

This was the take-over point after election as pope John Paul II in 1978.

Here is the outcome:

Basic date calculation 118
Full date calculation 215
Set of Three Calculations 33

There are 366 days in Leap Year and here is the significance:

There are 97 leap years in 400 years and 97 is the basic calculated outcome of the birth date of Queen Elizabeth II:

Here is the PROGRESSIVE 1-2-3 FORMULA at work on the number 279:

Divine Grace has revealed that Col 1 and Col 2 written together as one number creates great Truth:

Round off to nearest whole number:  299

1954: foundations for European science

At the end of the Second World War, European science was no longer the crème de la crème. Following the example of the now mushrooming international organizations, a handful of visionary scientists imagined creating a European atomic physics laboratory. Raoul Dautry, Pierre Auger and Lew Kowarski in France, Edoardo Amaldi in Italy and Niels Bohr in Denmark were among these pioneers. Such a laboratory would not only unite European scientists but also allow them to share the increasing costs of nuclear physics facilities.

French physicist Louis de Broglie put the first official proposal for the creation of a European laboratory forward at the European Cultural Conference in Lausanne in December 1949. A further push came at the fifth UNESCO General Conference, held in Florence in June 1950, where the American Nobel laureate physicist, Isidor Rabi tabled a resolution authorizing UNESCO to "assist and encourage the formation of regional research laboratories in order to increase international scientific collaboration…" At an intergovernmental meeting of UNESCO in Paris in December 1951, the first resolution concerning the establishment of a European Council for Nuclear Research was adopted. Two months later, 11 countries signed an agreement establishing the provisional Council – the acronym CERN was born. At the provisional Council's third session in October 1952, Geneva was chosen as the site of the future Laboratory. This choice was finally ratified in a referendum organized by the Canton of Geneva in June 1953.

The CERN Convention, established in July 1953, was gradually ratified by the 12 founding Member States: Belgium, Denmark, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Yugoslavia. On 29 September 1954, following ratification by France and Germany, the European Organization for Nuclear Research officially came into being. The provisional CERN was dissolved but the acronym remained.

http://public.web.cern.ch/public/en/About/History54-en.html and here is the default page from that address https://home.cern/about

Here is my copy marriage certificate dated 29 September 1978 the year of three popes:

and I'll give you the link to this brilliant article:



Round off to nearest whole number:  173

173 is a component of the powerful name of God as well as a component of the birth date of Queen Elizabeth II in British Royal Purpose:

The "God" Switcheroo Attempt 1726 Misfires with The Human Soul 206 and 1726 Established Within 7 Powerful Covenants of Truth
Created 20-5-2016




Basic Calculation - English Alphabet and Pythagorean System letter values:


Full Calculation - English Alphabet:
Round off to nearest whole number:  63(2)
Round off to nearest whole number:  11(3)

Full Calculation - Pythagorean System:
Round off to nearest whole number:  3(2)
Round off to nearest whole number:  1(3)

(1) (2) (3) TOTAL
379 63 11 453
17 3 1 21
396 66 12 474

N.B. 474÷6=79 (see below)

Here are the Triple letter value calculations:

Here is the Triple English Alphabet calculation:

7 4 4 15
15 15 51 81
4 7 7 18
26 26 62 114

See Gene Technology Act 2000 came into effect 21-6-2001

Here is the Triple Pythagorean System calculation:

7 4 4 15
6 6 6 18
4 7 7 18
17 17 17 51

Here is the outcome of GOD:

Basic Calculation 396
Full Calculation 474
Triple English Alphabet 114
Triple Pythagorean System 51

Round off to nearest whole number:  173

Here is the outcome - and have a look at Even The Re-alignment of Truth Doesn't Change The Reality

My Twin Quintuplet Formula 43
My 11Yr Track Record Formula 173

The Birth Date of The Scorpio Twins Elect
1 x 9 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 9 x 4 x 4=1296

Gene Technology Act 2000 came into effect 21-6-2001
Created 28-12-2017

I will now add the two calculated outcomes:

Round off to nearest whole number:  79


Quatrain 9,11

Le iuste mort tort mort l'on viendra mettre
Publiquement du lieu esteint:
Si grande peste en ce lieu viendra naistre,
Que les iugeans fuyr seront contraints.

Wrongly will they come to put the just one to death,
In public and in the middle extinguished:
So great a pestilence will come to arise in this place,
That the judges will be forced to flee.

Queen Elizabeth II attained the age of 91 on 21-4-2017 and HRH Prince Phiilip attained the age of 91 on 10-6-2012.

*89 is the outcome of 279 divided by the pi ratio 3.1415926535:
Round off to nearest whole number:  89

911 and 912 is the USADP=m/d of the Terrorist Attack in 2001 and the day thereafter - i.e. 2 days and two days is 48 hours and 48 is the triple challenge of Pi which is the 16th letter in the Greek Alphabet: